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Why do companies from all sectors of the maritime industry - and 7 of the top 10 towing companies - use ShipTracks?

Customer Driven

ShipTracks features are driven by our customers. Additionally, our ever-expanding terrestrial AIS network is influenced by customer demand.

Unsurpassed Support

We’re available around the clock for customer support.  We want you to get the most out of ShipTracks and are available to help you do that. For our subscribers, we have phone, email, and net meeting support.


ShipTracks operates at 99.5% up-time. With back-up servers and processes, you can count on ShipTracks to work when you need it.

In-house Innovation

ShipTracks software is designed and developed in-house. We believe that originality combined with continuity in development allows us to offer the best product to our customers.

Operational Efficiency

Save time and money with ShipTracks' industry-leading features and world-wide AIS coverage.


ShipTracks is trusted by the biggest and smallest in the industry. With four service levels, ShipTracks scales to any size.

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ShipTracks’ new customizable features allow flexible capabilities, offering focused, situational awareness to keep the job simple and deliver effective work productivity. Our software includes a suite of tools designed to utilize AIS information to improve insight and efficiency in maritime operations.

ShipTracks is the leader in AIS-based vessel tracking, reporting and management services. Our innovative system provides the maritime transportation industry invreased decision-making capabilities on real-time vessel positions, movements, and essential infortmation.

Our Pricing

Prices and services that scale for every business.


  • Inland and coastal coverage
  • Desktop & Mobile access
  • Instant 24 & 72 hr history
  • Build custom on demand Fleets
  • Realtime data: 500,000+ reports a minute


  • All Standard features
  • High Seas Satellite data
  • Import Custom Layers
  • Custom Reports


  • Teamshare tools
  • Standard and Global Packages
AIS Premium* Global* Flexible SERVICES


The people behind ShipTracks believe in providing a reliable service which simplifies your life and makes your job easier.

With ShipTracks, we’re focused on offering the maritime transportation industry improved decision making capabilities based on real-time vessel position information. Prior to AIS, we have an established 12-year history of providing environmental modeling and maritime surveillance to energy corporations, universities, state and federal agencies. The advent of AIS in the U.S. market in 2004 created the opportunity to apply company data management strengths to an emerging technology. The potential to utilize AIS for vessel tracking and management solutions in the commercial maritime community led to the creation of ShipTracks, LLC as a company in 2008.

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