Just Got Easier

A Helm Integration for Automated Competitive Intel

Competitor Jobs Automation provides Helm users an integrated data platform for centrally analyzing their jobs, and their competitor jobs, and selecting towage activity at any given port automatically.

Ditch Outdated

Data Entry

Tracking competitor jobs has been a time-consuming challenge of manual entry, resulting in lost opportunities, inaccurate logging of jobs, and limited clarity on competitor activity within a port.

Competitor Jobs Automation from ShipTracks solves this problem with automation, ensuring Helm customers gain competitive advantages, reduced operational costs, and increased profitability.

Without any manual tracking or entry, users can see in near real-time:

This level of market intelligence has never been seen before, and never has it been so easily accessible


With A Difference

Competitive Intel

See not only your own jobs in Helm, but your competitors’ jobs too. Tugs used per similar order, and more.

Increased Profitability

and Productivity

Automatic competitive tracking ensures situational awareness so you never miss a business opportunity and eliminates laborious, error-prone manual entry from dispatcher workloads.

Seamless Access

ShipTracks is already integrated into a users’ Helm CONNECT environment, using accurate, high quality AIS data for seamless competitive order access.

ShipTracks Tracks

Harbor Docking Jobs

on a Global Scale

Customers served! 100

Major Ports

Customers served! 100

Jobs Per Day

Customers served! 100 %

Port Clarity

A Game Changer

For Every User

Our automated competitor orders offer unprecedented clarity into what’s going on at a port as well as insight into competitor analysis of market share and operational (in)efficiencies that drive bottom line revenue for our customers. Having all of this within Helm from accurate AIS data is a game-changer game changer.

Contact us today to easily reduce your operational costs and instantly become more competitively efficient with Competitor Jobs Automation.