Deeply personal business analytics solutions

Through machine learning and advanced predictive analytics, ShipTracksAI delivers “your pulse on the industry” with the unique opportunity to single handedly become the most technologically progressive, most informed competitor on the water.

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To win in the age of surveillance capitalism, you need the ability to not only collect massive amounts of data but be the first to mine and analyze it for crucial decision aids in competitive analysis to protect your assets, predict the market, and capitalize on profit.

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we have answers.

We are experts in this field – data scientists, maritime industry experts, and archived comprehensive AIS data - bringing you business intelligence used to solve a multitude of problems.

There is no amount of data too large that we cannot consume and analyze into actionable insights for you.

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Own Big Data

For Custom Decision-Making Tools

We customize unique solutions for your bespoke business needs, allowing you to select your own internal and external data sets, including commodities, trade flows, and the specific questions you need answered of data. Then we visualize it in dashboards of your choosing, so you can understand industry drivers, predict outcomes, and have an arsenal of decision making tools at your fingertips throughout your company.

Our Capabilities

Your Advantage

  • Competitive market analysis: individual, regional, national, global
  • Predict vessel behavior: routes, product types, and markets
  • Deep analysis of your competition, and product flows, historically and in real-time
  • Monitor the movement of commodities in and out of specified regions
  • Identify contract opportunities
  • Equate vessel movement data into business transactions
  • Enable more effective sales insights
  • See changing market conditions in real-time

Do You Require

Custom solutions?

If you're looking for a custom analytics solution harnessing your own internal data and software for specific business requirements and intradepartmental communication, then ShipTracksAI’s full-service Custom Analytics is your answer.