We understand not every business is created equal.

Your business requirements are unique and you need tailored tools to fuel your progressive endeavors.

Whether it’s an integration, database or predictive analytics model, ShipTracks can help.

Industry disruptors

don’t fit in a box

Having served customers from MIT to government contractors, inland barge to blue water, day traders to manufacturers, and oil majors to ESG pioneers, ShipTracks thrives on creating custom solutions for your unique business needs to help you succeed in any complex endeavor.


Wide Performance

From our Customizable AIS Dashboard to our Harbor Docking Integration with Helm, our ESG tracking to our Maritime Analytics, ShipTracks’ capabilities offer completely customizable solutions that enable and integrate organization-wide transparency, live market intelligence and visualization, performance tracking, and planning for long term growth in ways not humanly possible before.


Custom Integrations

In addition to our industry-first integration between ShipTracks and Helm, we offer custom integrations for organizations of all sizes. 

We recognize the value in proprietary solutions, and while ShipTracks aims to offer an answer and improvement to any systems our customers may already be familiar with, we recognize that there can be hesitation to entirely abandon a known platform for a new one. That is why for many of our existing customers, we offer custom integrations.

Examples of these integrations include anything from populating a customer’s home environment with critical AIS-derived insights, to pulling in proprietary data that is then visually overlayed alongside our multitude of data layers. All integrations are securely implemented, and access is controlled by the customer: you decide which of your team members can access the product of our integration.


your world

With early adoption, our maritime intelligence tools, completely customized to your business requirements, will give you the greatest understanding of your competitors, your business, the industry, and give you unbiased, actionable insights for competitive advancement.

Boil the ocean or a berth and achieve unprecedented actionable insights for decision dominance with our custom maritime solutions.

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