May 22, 2023

22 May 2023 

Have You Seen ShipTracks’ New Website?  

Leading AIS services and maritime analytics provider ShipTracks launches a bold new website and delivers even more impressive AIS, AI, and ESG solutions.  

In its fifteenth year, ShipTracks’ notable agility, visionary leadership, and steadfast commitment to its customers have shaped its evolution from an AIS vessel tracking and reporting SaaS company. Now, ShipTracks is a leader in maritime data analytics, decarbonization facilitation, and a valuable integrations partner.

ShipTracks’ new website updates viewers on new features, capabilities, and integrations, and encourages inquiry into their custom data analytics solutions.

  • Two New AIS Products: (1) Job Insights – a competitive analysis dashboard for the harbor docking industry providing 100% port, performance, and competitor clarity, and (2) an ESG Report – allowing customers to “Go Green with ShipTracks” utilizing a decarbonization tool for fuel optimization.  
  • It’s Most Public Facing Integration: Global maritime software leader, Helm Operations, and ShipTracks operate ShipTracksCONNECT and Competitor Jobs Automation integrations. This enables Helm users to access ShipTracks AIS for seamless order creation and competitor tracking directly from their Helm environment.
  • The Dawn of AI: In 2019, ShipTracks expanded its range into a data analytics company and has been advancing its capabilities ever since. The company began in the harbor docking industry with its HD Analytics platform that gives situational awareness on a global level with granular data for premium competitive gains.  
  • Custom Solutions: ShipTracks understands that solutions to complex problems don’t necessarily fit in a box. With 15+ years of maritime data powered by machine learning, AI, and camera analytics, there’s no amount of data it can’t consume and no problem it can’t help solve.  

ShipTracks’ maintained the progressive green color scheme that naturally creates continuity in their “Go Green With ShipTracks” campaign to help the maritime industry achieve net zero by 2030 and 2050.  Their bold new look with angular and geometric details matches their bold advent into AI. This AI advancement, backed by ShipTracks’ standing as one of the only remaining privately held AIS companies in the maritime industry, are formidable differentiators from most of the other contenders in the sector.  

As ShipTracks continues to place customer-focused solutions at its cornerstone, The company continues to make waves in the maritime industry. To learn more about how ShipTracks can enhance your daily operations or solve your data analytics needs, contact us today.  


From AIS to AI to ESG, ShipTracks transcends vessel tracking and turns data – once humanly impossible to track, ingest and analyze – into business intelligence for your protection, predictions, profit, and ESG efforts. Founded in 2008 and powered by machine learning and AI, ShipTracks is the global leader in AIS vessel tracking, reporting, predictive analytics, and maritime intelligence. Boil the ocean or a berth and achieve your greatest gains with our customized, solutions-focused business analytics.  

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