5 June 2024

MADISONVILLE, LA. (press release) – Maritime Museum Louisiana (MMLA), the area’s leading voice for Louisiana’s maritime history and preservation, unveils a new exhibit donated by ShipTracks.

The “ShipTracks, Always on Watch” exhibit features live tracking of maritime shipping activity globally. The museum’s exhibit focuses on shipping today in Louisiana’s deep draft, inland, and coastal ports along the Mississippi River, Red River, Intercoastal Waterway, and Gulf of Mexico. Visitors can explore ships by type and destination all along these waterways.

Jim MacPherson, Executive Director stated, “We are extremely grateful to have received this donation from ShipTracks, a New Orleans based company and a leader in AIS technology. The museum has long felt that the public is largely unaware of the importance of the maritime industries to Louisiana. This exhibit with its 50” screen is prominently placed in the entrance to the museum and gives visitors a real-time idea of just how much ship traffic plies the Gulf and the Mississippi, but out of sight of their daily activities and therefore is taken for granted. We hope this exhibit will provide some insight into just how many vessels are operating in Louisiana waters at any given time”

“We’re glad to support the Maritime Museum of Louisiana, and hope that our display brings awareness and insight into the vital role the maritime industry plays in Louisiana’s infrastructure and economy,” said Reed Riley, a Sales Team Member of ShipTracks.

For more information on Maritime Museum Louisiana and all additional museum programming visit maritimemuseumlouisiana.org.


Rooted in AIS vessel tracking and reporting, ShipTracks has expanded its strengths into data science, predictive analytics and decarbonization to help its customers answer their most pressing questions.

With the largest satellite collection and data archive from nearly 20 years in the industry, ShipTracks leads the maritime industry with solution-focused, customer-driven products, integrating with innovative companies like Helm Operations to simplify and optimize your world.


Dedicated to bringing Louisiana’s maritime heritage to life, MMLA is located on the
banks of the Tchefuncte River in Madisonville, Louisiana (133 Mabel Dr.). The museum accomplishes its mission through unique interpretive programs, exhibits and publications. These programs include the time-honored craft of boat building, hands-on field trips, constructing underwater robots, restoration of the Tchefuncte River Lighthouse and more.

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