We already received calls asking about our integration with Helm CONNECT.  Consequently, users can better manage vessels on active jobs. Likewise, you can customize our portal to display relevant ships in your organization.

Our top-notch programmers continually build and improve the service to ensure you have access to a simple and efficient platform. From their efforts results a service platform which match your needs. In other words, we work closely with partners and clients to deliver leading and professional tracking services.

What drives custom integration?

The idea behind custom integration is for you to engage with customers and show relevant details to your crew or clients. Hypothetically speaking, imagine you need a portal that only depicts 4 bridges and when vessels are inbound an alarm is triggered which notifies the bridge operator and shows the boat location.  This situation helps reduce stress through increased awareness. There is no extra noise either.  Moreover, this display can also be integrated in your portal.

Above all, this is done to offer long-term solutions for problems that we know require specific solutions not readily available in the market at reasonable cost.  We do this because we can.

Have questions on implementing a custom portal for your business? Give us a call or test our AIS tracking portal for two weeks here

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