December 14, 2018

A Note from the President

The ShipTracks team wishes you and your family a happy holiday season. We want to take this time to thanks everyone of our users for the support, feed back and, the participation we have received through out this year. This has been a special year for us, and we hope it has been for you as well. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

ShipNotes is back. We’ve brought back a legacy feature to the web app. ShipTracks’ users can now add specific details and information not provided by AIS and share it amongst team members. No more sticky notes or papers lying throughout the office.

Fleet Automation is here. Automated fleets are created when specified vessels perform a defined action (e.g. entering or exiting a zone) defined through Alarms. An optional step has been added at the end of Alarms. This step will automatically add the AIS tracked vessels which trigger the alarm into a blank or existing fleet. Additionally, exclude vessels you do not want added into the specified fleet. Let’s say, for example, that you want to track all the tankers that come into New Orleans. Some of these tankers you may already have in a different fleet and therefore you don’t want it added to the new inbound fleet.  It is a very powerful tool added to the ShipTracks arsenal. With this user will be capable of monitoring traffic and recognizing new business opportunities.

Check our tutorial site for an in depth set up process!

 Click and Drag vessels into or out of a fleet.  Need we say more?

Team Share brings collaboration to the ShipTracks playing field. In addition to tracking a fleet a team may need to set up equal geofences, alarms and, map views. Make sure everyone is looking at exactly the same information by sharing the group administrator’s settings with members. Build a comprehensive tracking perspective with 2 clicks.  

The Details Panel gives you access to Ship Particular, History and, extensive AIS data. It is all within the ShipTracks web application. There is no need to bounce between web pages to collect this information. It is pretty neat if you ask me. Some of the details you may find in this section include but its not limited to:

  • Operator
  • Registered Owner
  • Net Tonnage
  • Contact Details
  • Hull Type
  • And much more.

Share My Ship. Now, this is a simple yet effective tool within ShipTracks, and we have not given it a spot to shine. Share My Ship was built to share a vessel’s location with a non-ShipTracks user. A limited-time access link will be sent through email to a recipient of choice.  After opening the link the  individual will see a reduced version of ShipTracks which displays the vessel’s location.

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