October 31, 2018

Quite a few changes and events happened for ShipTracks these past couple of months. This letter will cover the most important changes.

Integration with Helm Operations

Our integration grants Helm CONNECT users’ access to a limited version of ShipTracks to track and view vessel locations in real time. It is a step further towards achieving ShipTracks’ goal in providing AIS technology for businesses to manage their assets more efficiently.

It is a big step for us. As we achieve professional enterprise level integration we can work “one on one” with different companies and adjust our product to meet different tracking goals and needs. News to be very excited about!

Reminder of changes and updates conducted

We have more data now, this means you have more data too.

The Details panel has more information to display for vessels. Before the update you would only get AIS info. Now, you also have access to Ship Particular Data and Ship History. More info, more power.

The Search Bar now shows you more information about the particular ship or vessel you are searching for.  You will now see information such as IMO, MMSI and callsign. No need to select the vessel to get that info anymore. Now,your searches are quicker.

Small details to look for:

Click and Drag: Easy. Just click a vessel and drag it to your fleet. No hassle.

Share My Vessel: Someone needs to know where a vessel is but doesn’t use ShipTracks? No problem. Right click on the vessel (tap and hold on mobile) and select share my fleet.

What’s coming up soon?

ShipNotes:  Want to add your notes to a particular vessel?Our team is working on it. You will be able to add the information you need in ShipTracks so you can keep it all in one place.

TeamShare: As some of you may know, group sharing vessel fleets, alarms and more is a possibility in ShipTracks. But at the current state of the web app you must call and notify us about adding particular users,sharing info, and changing admins. That will no longer be the case soon. You and your organization will be able to handle group sharing capabilities within ShipTracks. This will make the process easier and faster and will give you the power to  change information right then and there.

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